06 October, 2014

Design is hard, party all night

Hello World,

Being a perfectionist is a huge burden. You practically never meet your own expectations. You seek out to create something wonderful, only to end up being disappointed in your own abilities. You are not satisfied with the results, and often you are not having fun during the process, either: you can only see how everything is falling apart, and feel that "it's not supposed to be going like this".

In reality, however, everything around us is far from perfection: we are imperfect beings making imperfect things, throughout imperfect workflows. Therefore yearning to create something perfect is entirely utopistic.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to create something absolutely flawless, it only starts to become a problem when it hinders one's ability to make something merely good, but not perfect.

As someone whose call in life is to create, it is one of my biggest personal challenges to tackle my own perfectionism. I have wasted so much time not creating simply because I could not create the way I imagined it. And that is a huge problem.

So, this is the first, somewhat self-therapeutic post on my shiny new blog, which is also a mission statement: keep on pushing, never stop making. Reach "perfection" by making one step at a time, not by making a long jump from zero. This site will hopefully enable me to share my creations on a frequent basis, aiding me just to do exactly that.